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21 Affirmations You Need to Speak Over Your Life Daily


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The words you speak have significant influence over the course of your life. Words are powerful and you need to ensure that the words you are speaking are positively affecting the course of your day. If you are having bad days lately, I advise you to start monitoring what you are speaking.

I get to work really early in the morning. It’s mainly because I want to get an early start on my day and get off earlier so I can have time with my son in the afternoon. Well, I’ve come to realize that everyone who is at work as early as I am is not a morning person. One morning, a co-worker was dragging into the break room. When I asked her how she was doing, she kind of snarled at me. She then said I was crazy (I guess she was referring to how happy I was). LOL! I immediately snatched those words from her mouth with my reply, “I don’t receive any of that! Have a good day y’all!” And, I returned to my desk.

One thing age and maturity has taught me is every single day I am in a unique position to remind me that I am endlessly worthy. It’s not because my boss tells me or my husband tells me or even my parents tell me. You see, I can’t rely on others to make me happy. That comes from God and no one else. You have this same potential and should never let anyone deny you of it.

What I’m talking about are affirmations! Affirmations are small phrases that we say to ourselves over and over in the present tense. Your unconscious mind picks up on these affirmations, and sets to work making them become your reality!

My husband recorded some affirmations he created from the Bible. He used his voice and had it playing continuously throughout our home. This changed the dynamics of our spiritual and emotional state. We didn’t always pay attention his voice speaking in the background but there were times when I would sit quietly  meditating on his voice speaking those affirmations over us.

Affirmations can be anything you want to tell yourself that may not be true now, but that you want to be true. The Bible actually speaks of calling into being the things that do not exist (Romans 4:17).  Of course, by affirming these things you will be planting a seed that can grow, but it’s not going to happen magically, or without any action by you. Affirmations are a starting point that can make it easier to take those actions and do the things that will get you to your goals. If your goal is a greater sense of self-worth, keep reading because this blog post is for you!

I’ve put together 21 affirmations that I feel are best aimed at increasing and expanding your own sense of worthiness. You can repeat these to yourself as is or you can customize it to fit you. What’s important is consistency. So write them down and place them on your night stand, in the bathroom, on the refrigerator, or on the garage door. Anywhere that you frequently pass so that you have a constant reminder.

  1. I am loved  by God and there is nothing I have to do to earn His love.
  2. I am worthy of unconditional love, and I am loved by many.
  3. I am guided by God and He is with me here, now.
  4. Today is full of opportunities and endless possibilities. I welcome each one!
  5. I will not accept anyone’s negativity as my own. I can remain unbothered by trivial circumstances.
  6. Only I have the power to change my life, and the beginning is today.
  7. I am radiant health, boundless energy, unconditional love, and effortless abundance!
  8. I will honor everyone I come in contact with regardless of how they treat me.
  9. I am competent, confident, experienced, and talented!
  10. I am beautiful!
  11. I deserve endless abundance in all areas of my life.
  12. I am grateful for [fill in the blank with your own words].
  13. I am filled with positive thoughts and positive energy, inside and out.
  14. I live in full confidence because God is at work through me!
  15. I get to do amazing things in the world today!
  16. I will forgive others, quickly.
  17. Peace begins with me.
  18. All that I need to know at any given moment is revealed to me.
  19. I am free from destructive fears and doubts
  20. My income is constantly increasing and my family’s needs are met.
  21. I am open to new and wonderful changes.

There are so many more affirmations out there. You can do a simple Google search and find more. There are times where I find songs that I repeat in my mind to lift me up. You have to do what’s best for you.

Remember that you must be consistent in order for these thoughts to “stick” with you. Many of these affirmations are just on my heart. I can’t get rid of them now because I’ve said them for so long. Even when I’ve gone through a dry period where I’ve said nothing, somehow I’m reminded of one of these affirmations or a related song.

Do this and you see a vast difference in your outlook, your positive thoughts, and your increasing sense of self-worth!

What routines have you incorporated that have positively affected the course of your life?

Kesha Holloway

The author Kesha Holloway

Kesha Holloway is the founder of Living in Your Sweet Spot. She is passionate about being a wife and mother and desires to align herself with women equally passionate about their families. She believes the woman is the backbone of the family unit and it's her mission to help lift women to achieve their purpose.


  1. Seriously love all of these affirmations! God holds us always and directs our path. It’s so easy to forget that!! I need to start using this list because it’s so easy to get caught up in every day life and comparison!

  2. These are all amazing, and I’m definitely a HUGE fan of this one: I am free from destructive fears and doubts. So important to keep in mind!

  3. I love this! We have started doing affirmations with the kids every morning before school, and it has affected all of our days. Thanks for the suggestions of more affirmations to add!

  4. positive affirmations are straightforward and simple. It is really good to read someone’s daily booster. I have similar post from my blog. thanks for sharing 🙂

    much love

  5. One thing that we always remind our self is never fear to do something different, never fear to try something new , as long as it is a positive things!

  6. These are great affirmations! I like your sentiments on the power of positive thoughts because they really do make a world of difference in dealing with day-to-day life. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I love these!!!! So important to watch the words that come from our mouths! We can speak life or tear down another person! Good job, Mama!

  8. Great affirmations! I do a morning ritual where I sit silently for 10 min and repeat some affirmations myself. It gives me time to wake up and start my day on a positive note.

  9. Self-esteem building, encouragement for how we conduct ourselves with others, and reminders of God’s love for us are all positive things to add to our days!

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