4 Must Ask Questions for Anyone Potty Training A Toddler


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We recently had my son’s 2 ½ year old appointment with the doctor and the big topic of concern for us was potty training. We are not really concerned that Caleb is not potty trained by now but we were more concerned that he didn’t even want to sit on the potty. Every night at bath time, we ask him to go potty and he has a meltdown. We were wondering if he would ever want to sit on the potty.

This caused us to ask a few questions so we took some pressure off ourselves and him.

This is a challenging transition and even though Caleb tells us that he’s pooped or wet, we want to make it click that it belongs in the potty and not his pull ups.

We needed to determine…

  1. Is my child even ready to be potty trained?

Even though Caleb communicated his situation, he still isn’t quite ready for the potty. Every now and then he will surprise us and say, “I want to potty,” but it’s not consistent. We’ve decided to keep reinforcing it and be ready when he’s ready.

  1. What type of potty do we need?

We decided to get two potty seats – one full potty that sits on the floor and another one that sits in the regular toilet. At one point, I was tempted to get the Mickey Mouse potty but I had to rethink this as I didn’t want Caleb to go into a public restroom looking for the Mickey Mouse. LOL!

  1. Should we put regular underwear on him when we are home?

I know parents who will allow their child to wear regular underwear on the weekend so the child could actually experience what an accident feels like but I’m not too comfortable with this type of training. I certainly don’t want to do the clean up after the accident.

  1. Should we reward him for going to the potty?

I have a co-worker that suggested that we give Caleb a reward every time he goes to the potty. We’ve been trying to just make him feel great after he goes but making a big fuss over it. If he is successful, we celebrate and dance hoping this would encourage repeated attempts. However, we are going to move into the rewards systems by giving him stickers and candy (we haven’t allowed him to each candy at this point).

Our potty training journey is so far from being over. I’m sure we’ll hear more “No’s” before we start hearing “Yes’s”. One thing we are learning to do is be more easy on ourselves and him and celebrate his successes. Hopefully, we’ll have this together before Caleb’s three.

And as always, enjoy life’s sweet spots….


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