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4 Stress Relief Tips that will Change Your Life


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Let’s face it…stress is inevitable. If you are married, have children and juggling full-time work along with other commitments, it’s only a matter of time before you will succumb to the exhaustion of having to do it all.

Long gone are the days where men have more stress than women. Ask any woman and you will find out that simply isn’t true. I’m not saying that men don’t carry stress. They certainly do. With women making more money now, many have become just as successful (if not more) as their male counterparts in the workplace. On top of this, they are juggling their home responsibilities. In some ways, women are at a disadvantage when it comes to dealing with stress, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

For women who are mothers and have full time jobs, it can be hard to find balance. When I considered getting married and having a family, I thought it would be simple. I thought I could maintain the house, take care of the kids, spend time with my husband and be the model employee while having plenty of time left over for any extracurricular activities. Well, life gave me a reality check!

In a perfect world, men and women would share all of the household responsibilities equally, but study after study has shown that women do much more of the work around the home, and that’s even if they work outside of the home. The one thing that I benefit from is that I have a husband that will tell me to sit down and relax. I’m so glad we are not alike because we would drive each other crazy. 😉

Several techniques are available that can help women start relieving stress. Here are some of the most effective methods for reducing stress.

Stress Relief Tip #1: Learning How to Say “NO”

That’s right! Say it with me…“No!” A friend of mine just recently discovered this word and I told her she just set herself free! I think women have this need to take care of things, or maybe it has been thrust upon them by society. Either way, they often find it hard to say no. While this isn’t always a problem if it doesn’t get too far out of hand, it can add to your stress and cause you to start ignoring yourself. Besides, if you really want to help others, then doesn’t it make sense that you should be as free from stress as possible?

Stress Relief Tip #2: Exercise Regularly

A simple walk can do wonders for you. Walking, swimming, dancing, hiking, going for a bike ride, or any other activity will help you in several ways. It will give you time to clear your mind. It can also help you to blow off steam in a constructive manner. See, society generally says that women can express happiness and cry once in a while, but not show their anger. That doesn’t mean you should never get mad, but rather that exercise is a healthy outlet to get rid of some of the anger that can lead to stress. Of course, the fact that exercise will also make you healthier is just icing on the cake.

Stress Relief Tip #3: Read Often

Reading allows you to escape to a place where there are no worries and no anxieties. I read a lot of motivational books. With my commute in the morning, I take advantage of my Audible subscription which allows me to read a couple of books a week. I read books from people who are where I want to be. Those who have achieved what I would like to achieve provide me with great inspiration. I am also intrigued by the stories of others – where they have been and how they achieved their goals. By listening to their stories, I am motivated to staying committed to my goals.

Stress Relief Tip #4: Treat Yourself

You have to take some time to do good things for yourself, to do the things you enjoy. You don’t have to forget everybody else, but be sure to remember you too. Don’t just promise yourself that you will do something nice when you have the time. Instead, schedule time for yourself every day, or every week. Take a long bath. Get a manicure or pedicure. Schedule an appointment with your hair stylist to get that new hair color you have been wanting. I like massages but facials may be your thing. And don’t feel guilty about it either; you’ve earned it. You will feel better, and the people around you will notice an improvement as your stress starts to melt away.

These are my four stress relief tips. When I see my life going awry, I come back to this list to confirm whether or not any of these items are absent.

So, what are your stress relievers? I want to hear from you!

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Kesha Holloway

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Kesha Holloway is the founder of Living in Your Sweet Spot. She is passionate about being a wife and mother and desires to align herself with women equally passionate about their families. She believes the woman is the backbone of the family unit and it's her mission to help lift women to achieve their purpose.


  1. Hey there! Love your blog! These are my top stress-relievers too! I JUST am starting to really work them into my schedule regularly. Reading is the one that I need to work on the most! But, we just got rid of our TV (like it is physically not present, we didn’t just stop paying for cable) so I think that will motivate me to read more 😉 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Whoa! You got rid of the television!!! That is huge but you just gave yourself back so much time. I’m sooooo impressed!

  2. I feel like you posted this post just for me! The month of February was crazy, and I needed to read this. Great tips and reminders!

    1. Well, I believe that this was for just for you as well. We all need these reminders. I struggled too during this month so I was writing this one for me too. 😉

  3. These are such great and important tips. It’s important to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of your family. By the way, saying “no” is my favorite!

    1. Yes!!!! It’s so important to understand what you are called to do and what you are not called to do.

  4. It all makes sense to me, especially exercising to reduce stress! Thanks for reminding us of these ways to keep ourselves healthier.

  5. Learning how to say no makes such a big difference! And there is no reason to feel guilty for it! A girl can only do so much!

  6. Great Tips! I recently learned how to start saying no and it’s really helped me relieve the pressure on myself.

  7. This is so great! As women, we often try to be a domestic goddess, mother of the year, employee of the month and the PTA president. It’s exhausting!

  8. I am trying to work these in more! They are so important. I have been way too stressed lately, so last night I treated myself to a very relaxing mani/pedi! Great tips!

  9. This is another great reminder. I am good at saying no and reading, but just don’t exercise enough. I need to add that into my schedule to reduce my physical stress. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Learning to say no is a big one for me. I just kind of agree to do anything anyone asks me to do and it is stressful.

  11. There is so much power in being able to say ‘no’! Unfortunately, I think most of us women have to be older to be comfortable with telling people no when they ask us to do something. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but one that is very much worth doing!

    Once I learned how to tell people no, it opened up doors for me and my family that I had only previously dreamed about.

    Great advice!

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