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5 Important Yet Ignored Aspects of Reaching Your Goals


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Deciding you want something won’t get you anywhere without goals and a plan to achieve them. Whether it’s losing weight, writing your novel, going back to school, expanding your business or even taking that dream vacation, there are some key things (that often get ignored) to focus on if you want to reach your goals.

1. Be Your Best You

No one can be a better you than you. Fantasizing about someone else’s personality and wishing you were like them is irrelevant. Also, wanting to be friends with people who don’t necessarily want to be friends with you will ultimately get your feelings hurt. All you need to do is show up, work hard, be kind, live the life you want to have, and be the person you want to be. Know that you’re doing everything you can and more to achieve the life you want. Be your own cheerleader and know that you can do it!

Cliques can always keep you from being your best you. In some workplaces, cliques are formed and can become a real problem. There are two things that can happen. They become bullies or they are the “thing” everyone wants to be a part of. Cliques, rather in workplaces, churches or extracurricular activities really annoy me. When I feel like I’m getting sucked into one, I immediately start distancing myself. I want to help people become their best self and I can’t do that if I participate in cliques that don’t include others based on how they look, or believe.  If you are not careful, you can get so wrapped up in trying to be apart of that group that you don’t focus on the goal of your being there…and that’s to just do your job.

2. Look after Yourself

Part of being your best you is for you to take care of yourself, mind, body and spirit. Make sure you eat well, exercise, and take time out for rest and fun. I don’t know what you believe, but you must take care of your spirit. As a Christian, I take moments to read my Bible and meditate on God’s Word. I also listen to podcasts, sermons and worship music. Whether I’m in a good mood or need uplifting, this is what I always try to start my day with. I’ve found out when I cultivate my relationship with God, everything else falls into place . Looking after yourself and having a balanced life will keep you focused and energized and help you avoid burnout or giving up.

3. Adapt and Change

Flexibility is key to success. You need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances or unexpected opportunities. I work for a television network and many times we get emails of schedule changes. We may have all the creative, copy and other items complete but if the schedule shifts, we shift. We have to make the necessary adjustments and deal with it. Complaining will get us NOWHERE.

One thing you can do to adapt well to change is to check in at regular intervals to see that you’re on track or if a strategy is no longer working. Also, as you achieve milestones, you should re-evaluate your plan and add some further stretch goals. If the unexpected happens, you already know where you stood and can make the changes needed to get the job done.

4. Choose Your Friends & Associates Wisely

You need to have people around you that are supportive and encouraging, not people who will drag you down by telling you you’re dreaming or you can’t do it. Friends, family, and colleagues who are positive will actively support you in reaching your goals.

Also, you need to be careful about who you tell your dreams to. You have people who will be in your corner with full support but then there will be others would will kill your dreams psychologically before you even put an actual plan together.

5. Have stretch goals

Make your goals challenging. Think big about what you want! What might seem impossible now can become a reality, if you have goals and a commitment to achieve them. Learn to live with and even enjoy discomfort. Being comfortable doesn’t reinforce motivation to change or growth.

Keeping these aspects of development in mind will help to keep you on track and reinforce your commitment to reaching your goals. These five things will energize you to do your absolute best, keep you healthy while you do it, and keep the passion in your life.

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Kesha Holloway

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Kesha Holloway is the founder of Living in Your Sweet Spot. She is passionate about being a wife and mother and desires to align herself with women equally passionate about their families. She believes the woman is the backbone of the family unit and it's her mission to help lift women to achieve their purpose.


  1. These are great tips and these are the things that need to learn when you want to reach a certain goal but definitely ” Be Yourself ” is the number one aspect that you need to carry all the time

  2. I think that the most important thing is to stop comparing with others, be your own best as you said. There are no 2 identical people so why compare with other’s achievements instead of doing everything you can to accomplish yours?

    1. Absolutely! We are responsible for our own achievements. We can celebrate the achievements of others without being jealous or envious.

  3. I love the idea of stretch goals. I recently began publicly sharing my goals on my blog and feel like what you have shared would be really helpful in accomplishing those goals.

    1. I think what it is also doing for you is holding your accountable. It’s bold and brave of you to share your goals on your blog. Now, you have a audience rooting for you and supporting you in your goals.

  4. Love this list. We generally tend to forget looking for ourselves. Also making gstretch goals is also a great tip. Shoot for moon, you may get it… Shoot for stars, you will definitely get the moon. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing..!!

  5. Your tips are always spot on!! I’m currently on a project of losing weight, getting a stronger body and having a healthier lifestyle. I don’t set very ambitious goals, because this gives me anxiety which leads me to EAT junk. So I take it easy, I listen to my body and track my evolution to see the pace of my changes, I respect my own rythm and not to compare with other people in my group. YES! I have a very supportive Facebook group!!
    Also I haven’t said to my husband that I was on this project until I lost my first 10 pounds. Because he’s such a negative person he always tells me “it isn’t going to work, you won’t make it” etc… so yes, choosing the right partners it’s definitely VERY important!!

    1. I think that is very smart that you haven’t said anything. I hate that your husband hasn’t been supportive but I am proud that you owned this for yourself and you actually dropped 10 pounds. That’s fantastic! I am celebrating you my friend!

  6. All of these are important for reaching and maintaining your goals! Especially the “look after you” part, because it’s easy to neglect self while goal chasing.

  7. I think adapt and change is the one most hard to except. But I think that just has to do with my stubborn set in my ways personality.

    1. Life is full of changes and goals change base on circumstances. That’s why knowing your purpose is important. When you are faced with changed, you know the direction you should take.

  8. I believe change and adapt is the most important virtue to have to be successful. I think you have nailed every aspect to reach realistic goals in life

  9. This is a fantastic post. I am so glad to read you included self care with this because it is often the most overlooked part of reaching goals.

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