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My Husband May Be the Head of Household but I am the Chief Financial Officer


Call me “old-fashion” but I believe the man is the head of the home, I don’t think submission to his leadership makes a woman weak, and I believe that honor for your spouse keeps marriages strong. So when it comes to managing the finances of the home; while my husband is Chief Executive Officer (CEO), I’m Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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Tips to Stop Allowing Work Issues to Get in the Way of Marital Bliss


When I got married, I was already established in my career. I was working for a well-known, global non-profit organization. At the time, I thought I would be with this organization for the rest of my career.

Then I met Nate. When we got married, my focus shifted. I wanted to be a great wife and eventually a great mother. I still wanted a career but something changed in me. My career no longer defined me. I started thinking more about what was important and that was my new family. Now, Nate has been my #1 cheerleader encouraging me in all that I do but I knew I wanted more. I also didn’t want my career to ever take precedence over my marriage and family.

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No Budget Self Care Activities that Should be a Part of Your Daily and/or Weekly Routine


If I could afford a weekly massage, my name would be in rotation at the spa. Unfortunately, that is not in the budget and I have to find other ways to take care of myself. When we think of self care, expensive facials or massages are typically the first to come to mind. A weekend getaway or vacation are also things many of us desire but we may not be in the position to make it happen. I have to make myself practice self care every single day. Here are some great free or low cost ways that I have added to my daily and weekly routines.

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5 Things a Working Mom & Wife Can Do to Regain Her Life


It’s never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. There are some tips on how to get closer to reaching an ideal work-life balance. Being a full-time working mother and wife can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family. The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession, parenthood and being a wife, a good one at that.

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