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No Budget Self Care Activities that Should be a Part of Your Daily and/or Weekly Routine


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If I could afford a weekly massage, my name would be in rotation at the spa. Unfortunately, that is not in the budget and I have to find other ways to take care of myself. When we think of self care, expensive facials or massages are typically the first to come to mind. A weekend getaway or vacation are also things many of us desire but we may not be in the position to make it happen. I have to make myself practice self care every single day. Here are some great free or low cost ways that I have added to my daily and weekly routines.

Take a Bubble Baths or Even Better…A Milk Bath

Many people who have eczema find that milk baths smooth skin irritations. However, milk baths are also a low cost way of relaxation. The milk helps exfoliate the skin providing additional softness and improving the skin’s overall appearance.

If you prefer to not have milk in your bath water, there’s always the option of a bath the old fashion way. Draw yourself a hot bath and pour in some bubbles, essential oils, or baths salts. Soak in the tub with some music playing or just sit in silence. Music is a good distraction if you have kids in the house that you want to tune out for the time being. Lock the door so you have no distractions and let the dogs out so they don’t bother you either.

Oh yeah…Do NOT bring your cell phone in the bathroom with you!


This is the one thing I can’t live without. I have a 50 minute to 1 hour drive each morning and I use that time to listen to my Bible App, a message from a podcast or some worship music. It’s how I start my day and it sets the course for my day. Meditation requires you to discipline yourself. You have to give up some things (TV, radio, social media, etc.) but it will create a peace that shuts out the noise and gives you perspective. Without these quiet moments with God, I would be a complete wreck.

Go For a Walk or Run

I am very fortunate that the company I currently work for has a walking program as part of their benefits package. If we walk a certain amount of steps each month, we get certain incentives both monthly and yearly. I was so excited about this program when I started working for the company. I would be crazy not to take advantage of it. It has incentives and it improves my overall health. I take my walks very seriously. I walk a couple times during the work day and again when I get home. I feel better and I hope I’m looking better.

Exercise should always be at the top of your list regardless of your age. Exercise comes in so many different forms. I chose to walk but I also know I need to do some toning. We are fortunate because our community have a beautiful gym that we have 24/7 access to so there is no excuse.

Just Rest

This has to be the one thing that most women get very little of. We don’t rest. We are so busy with everything and everyone else, we are often the last to lay down and sleep. Some of us are the first to wake up in the morning so we can get a jump start on the day. We need quality rest so that we can be at our best for our loved ones. Sometimes that means telling hubby, “Babe, I need a break.”

The American Heart Association has a commercial that sends a powerful message to women. In the video the woman is so busy doing life that she doesn’t realize she is having a heart attack. Check out the video…

I want to be around for a long time for my family and I know that requires me taking care of all of Kesha – mind, body and spirit.

What are some of your self care activities?

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Kesha Holloway

The author Kesha Holloway

Kesha Holloway is the founder of Living in Your Sweet Spot. She is passionate about being a wife and mother and desires to align herself with women equally passionate about their families. She believes the woman is the backbone of the family unit and it's her mission to help lift women to achieve their purpose.


  1. This is a great list! I’ve made walking the dogs every morning part of my daily self-care ritual. Once I realized how much it benefitted me (and wasn’t in the mindset of it “had to get done”) it’s made all the difference. And THANK YOU for including this video! My girlfriend just told me she had two mild heart attacks last month and didn’t even know until her annual physical check-up. She had a bad cough that lingered and has been feeling tired but chalked it all up to the holiday madness. OMG! Women need to be made aware of the signs and know the importance of taking good care of ourselves.

    1. Oh wow Christy! I hope your friend is doing better and taking it easy now. I love the video. It is a reminder that we as women need to take the time to STOP and take care of ourselves. No one is going to do it for us. We have to set boundaries and take time to refresh ourselves.

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